Legacy Awards

Legacy Awards

National Recognition Products would like to recognize the schools, students, teachers, principals, parents, coaches and mentors who have helped you succeed on your journey to graduation with the NRP Legacy Award. If selected, the winning individual and the nominator will each receive a $100 Visa® gift card. The nominator's school will also receive FREE products valued at $300 or more.

Who can nominate?
Any student who is graduating in the class of 2013 is eligible to nominate someone.

When is the deadline?
All entries must be received by April 1, 2014. Winning individuals and their schools will be selected and notified the week of May 1, 2014.

Nominate Someone for the Legacy Award and Win a Visa® Gift Card!
Who has made a difference in your life?

2013 Legacy Award Winners

We are excited to share with you our three 2013 Legacy Award Winners. These individuals were nominated by students from their schools based on their involvement with not only that particular student, but with all their students, the school and community as a whole. Please help NRP by congratulating this year's 2013 Legacy Award Winners!

Mr. Monty Bishop, Chior teacher at Holt Senior High School in Holt, MI. Nominated by Victoria Januszewski.

Victoria commented that "My choir teacher, Mr. Monty Bishop, has made a huge impact on not only my life, but many others as well. I came to the Holt school district as a freshman not knowing anyone and my parents being newly separated. I struggled to find somewhere I felt like I belonged where people would accept me because I was always the shy and quiet one. Mr. Bishop saw a huge potential in me for music. Due to this, I now have confidence in myself which has lead me to State Solo and Ensemble and now to graduation. Without him, I would've never realized my potential in music and I wouldn't have aspired to major in Music Therapy. There are so many people who come from his choirs' that can tell anyone that they are who they are today because of him. He's served as a father figure to those in the choir who don't have a father. He's not just Mr. Bishop to us, but Bish or Mr. Bishop. He uses his own money to buy our sheet music because our school can't afford to fund it and no matter how much pain his disability is causing him, he never shows it. No matter how frustrating his classes can be, he never raises his voice and he always has a smile on his face. Every time one of his students has an audition for something, he's right there for us even if its a weekend. He's so dedicated that he drives an hour every day to and from school to teach us. There are nights that he doesn't go home so that he can help out with the musical or plan one of our upcoming concerts. He's also started a fine arts academy here at Holt Senior High School that will allow those who are in it to become endorsed and allow us to graduate with an arts intensive diploma. Mr. Monty Bishop is by far the best teacher that I and many others have ever had. He's sacrificed quite a bit for all of his choirs, no matter what level they're on. If anyone deserves recognition, its Mr. Bishop."

Kalynn Walker, Guidance Counselor from Central Crossing in Galloway, OH. Nominated by Amy Schuh.

Amy commented "Ms. Schuh was more than just a guidance counselor to me, she was someone who was there for me whenever I needed her, even if it was in the middle of class. She truly cares for her students and helps them in any way she can. She doesn't help us just because it is her job, she does it because she cares about our well-being and our future. When I went through a struggle of depression, she was there for me EVERY step of the way, and I could not thank her more. I truly believe that if it wasn't for Ms.Schuh's guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today; from a failing student ready to drop out of life, to a happy individual who participates in life and makes Honor Roll every semester. Although I could not thank her enough, I'm attempting to by nominating her for this award."

Thomas Ware, Ready By 21 Coordinator at Ponca City High School in Ponca City, IN. Nominated by Rick Poole.

Rick commented that "No administrator in this school system has showed soooo much interest in my being successful in graduating high school and also in my future endeavors. Mr. Poole first contacted me when he was working with my older brother who was wanting to drop out of school. Since that day Mr. Poole has ALWAYS been there for me and my mom. He has made sure I got into the classes I needed and even got me taking classes I didn't need. As it turns out, these will be helpful in the career path I have chosen to pursue in college. Mr. Poole takes an active interest in all of the students here and will even assist them outside of the school. My brother made a point of coming back to let Mr. Poole know that he did get his GED, scored very well on his ACT and is now in college. Mr. Poole's influence is far reaching and any student he visits with understands that Mr. Poole is there for them. He is all about the student being successful. I don't think I would be graduating if it weren't for Mr. Poole caring enough to encourage me, lift me from failure, and rejoice in my successes. He is retiring at the end of this school year and I don't know that anyone will be able to replace him! Mr. Rick Poole is all about the success of each individual student!!"